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  1. Mikaran
    I Never Wanted to Be This Way. Damn, where did my two original reviewers go oh well, thanks to everyone who is still supporting me in this now, now to turn .
  2. Tezshura
    I never wanted it to be this way. [ Three ] Microwavable Bat. Instantly I raised my head with wide eyes, struggling to find words to explain how Andy was now laying awake in front of me. "A-Andy, what.. y-you're alive!" I stuttered, feeling some tears build up in the corners of my eyes once again. He gave me a strange look, which I found.
  3. JoJolar
    I can't even act suicidal. Im just forced to sit here and think. I never asked to be born. I DIDN'T ASK TO BE ALIVE. I DON'T WANT TO. I hate myself so much and there's no reason to live my whole life in poverty and sadness. People just want me to be alive so they don't have to deal with my death. I hate myself and I hate my life.
  4. Mikalkree
    I Never Wanted It To Be This Way Arsenic_Phantom. Summary: Gerard Way has fallen in love with someone that he knows he shouldn't, his little brother. Will Mikey be able to handle this new information about his older brother, or will things fall apart completely? WAYCEST, don't like it, why bother reading it?
  5. Mausho
    I Never Wanted to Be This Way. A/N: I do not own anyone from Fire Emblem, or anything else I shouldn't own. This story will be in Sain's point of view. The idea for this came from the fact that maybe Sain wasn't as bad as he always acted, and maybe there was more behind it. Now on with the fic. (Personal Opinions) "Dialogue".
  6. Malajar
    I never wanted to heal (I never wanted to) We are the only ones we are running from I never wanted to heal We are the only ones we are running from. I want to break it off Where's your song 'cause there's nothing going on (On) I never wanted to hear all the things that you told me I never wanted to heal (I never wanted to) We are the only ones.
  7. Tut
    She never wanted to be this way, Fighting a battle everyday. She tried her best To put her stepmother’s fears to rest.. But it wasn’t enough, And so she had to become tough. She ran away, Before the light of day. She was only seven, And she knew she wasn’t going to heaven. A young boy and girl, And her whole world seemed to whirl. They became her family, and they made a promise, That no.

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