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  1. Tukasa
    King Mardan, also known as "The Holy One" is a giant fish met in the large body of water in the Fish Monster Swamp of Rainbow Butterfly Woods. He can be caught with a Poison Apple and is responsible for the lost Firbits, who were bewitched under his spell. King Mardan appears to be a giant Purple fish with huge green eyes, long yellow eyelashes and a big grin. He also has a very flamboyant.
  2. Taulkis
    Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black has been reviewed by Focus on After witnessing his father’s murder and then saving his adopted sister from death by the hand of Lucius and his Dark Knights, Leinad realizes that his life’s purpose rests with the King of Arrethtrae. to Moses’ story. Leinad grows in Fairos’ favor until he moves.
  3. Mezirn
    Kingdom Hearts: Road To Dawn is a fan-made alternate reality in the Kingdom Hearts series created by Xirbealg during the month of August in the year It is still in progress and does not yet have a complete plot. Contents[show] Story Prolougue 2 years after the fall of Organization XIII, an injured Sephiroth returns to Radiant Garden after defeating and absorbing Cloud and holding his.
  4. Grojin
    The Castle That Never Was is a location found in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts /2 Days, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and flashbacks in Kingdom Hearts III. This grand castle was the headquarters of Organization XIII and floats in place above The World That Never Was. The Grey Area (闇と光を紡ぐ庭 Yami to Hikari o Tsumugu Niwa, lit. "The Garden that Interweaves Darkness.
  5. Netaxe
    added relevant links to band info updated bands navigation banners in gigs section # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W X Ü.
  6. Faegrel
    Leinad is thrust into adversity and danger - for the Dark Knight and his vicious Shadow Warriors will stop at nothing to thwart the King's plan to restore the kingdom. Includes discussion questions and is a great resource for ages 8 to Kingdom's Dawn, Kingdom Series #1 () by Chuck Black.
  7. Tojahn
    Directed by Simon Wells. With Ross O'Hennessy, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Zara Phythian. To save their Kingdom from an army of undead, a group of warriors must travel through the forbidden lands fighting the fearsome beasts that call The Dark Kingdom their home.
  8. Domi
    Kingdom's Edge is an action/adventure allegory of the life of Christ where swords, knights and battles are biblically symbolic. It is told by Cedric, a young peasant who is doomed to a life of hopelessness and despair, until he meets the "stranger." The stranger takes Cedric under his tutelage and trains him in the art of the sword, for this man is a true "Master of the Sword.".

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