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  1. Faunris
    Calling someone brain dead makes it sound like they are almost dead, sort of dead, kind of dead but not really dead—which they are. When doctors or others talk about stopping ‘life-support’ on a brain dead person they make it sound like they are ending care for a .
  2. Mimuro
    Mar 20,  · For example, it is very difficult to see a ‘brain-dead’ pregnant woman, in whose womb a fetus grows over a time period for 2–3 months after the determination of brain death, as ‘a cadaver.
  3. Digami
    Jan 03,  · Jan. 3, -- What does it mean when doctors say a person is brain-dead?WebMD asked critical care specialist Isaac Tawil, MD, an assistant professor at the University of .
  4. Yogami
    Another French physician, Dr. Jean-Didier Vincent of the Institut Universitaire, emphasized that a “brain dead” person has suffered complete and irreversible destruction of the brain. Dr. Vincent was questioned closely about the case of a pregnant women, diagnosed as brain-dead, who continues her pregnancy while on life-support system, even.
  5. Mezikree
    McMath was declared brain dead on December 12 of that year. The family fought in court to keep her on the ventilator, and she was moved to another, unnamed medical facility across the country.
  6. JoJozil
    Jan 11,  · In Texas, Marlise Munoz, a year-old pregnant woman, collapsed at home and was subsequently termed brain dead at the hospital, according to .
  7. Shalmaran
    Sep 11,  · Fiend & Forsaken Is Dead - The 6th Machine Part 2 []: Vinyl заменен WEB релизом - Раздача дополнена следующими релизами: Cap and Forsaken is Dead - Adrenaline Junkies [] CH3OH vs. Forsaken Is Dead - Bridges In Orbit [] Machine Shop and Forsaken is Dead - Machina Muerte EP [].
  8. Kakinos
    A person is declared brain dead, but the family insists on keeping that person on a ventilator. They believe that as long as the heart beats (due to the ventilator pumping in oxygen; the heart has a built-in pacemaker), that their family member is “alive” and can’t possibly be dead.

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